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S.V. La Costa

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Est. 2007

Aiello Café 1000gr Gran Bar

A superb coffee blends especially created specifically for the best bars. Strong aromatic coffee with soft overtones.

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Aiello Caffe 250gr Miscella

An intense, full and strong taste for the most classic Caffè Aiello blend. The strong personality and the unmistakable tones of a pure and sweet aromatic coffee.

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Aiello Caffe 250gr Decafinated

Decaffeinated, aromatic and well-balanced blend. Full-bodied, long-lasting flavour. For those who want to avoid caffeine without giving up the full aroma and pleasure of Italian coffee.

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Aiello Café 250gr Fresh Ground

Here the old flavours are being revived, with a new taste. Thanks to Casa Aiello, the best Italian tradition is renewed to give you a genuine Calabrese Coffee.

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